If you had the choice, would you sacrifice joy to rid your life of painful emotions?

Deeply consider that.

The concept of ending all suffering is an appealing proposition.

And traditional personal development often sells us a myth. The idea that we can improve ourselves and/or our lives to the point where we experience uninterrupted bliss.

Simply not true.

Perfection is not only impossible, it is also misplaced.

Perfection like that only exists inside our heads. In our minds, we can selectively choose. Yes to this. No to that. How idealistic our visions can be! Paradise anyone?

And then there is life… gritty, disappointing, hurtful and cruel yet natural and inspiring. Life is real. Really real. Things go wrong, accidents happen, people we love leave or die. It’s all one big mix-up of joy and pain, love and suffering. And we get to experience it all. That is perfection. The perfection of life.

Today’s commitment is to acceptance. Not flippant, blasé, I-suppose-I-have-to-put-up-with-it acceptance but grounded, honest and raw willingness to allow and accept what life intends to reveal to me.

I will no longer kick and scream against the maltreatment, unfairness and injustice. There is no superior power sitting in judgment and deciding what I have earned for my rights or my wrongs. So, therefore, I will not argue with the deservedness of my circumstances.

I am a seeker and today I choose to partake in the whole of life’s tapestry. Let me love unconditionally and without fear—and if the object of my love should leave my life, let me grieve with the same fierce intensity with which I loved.

I am not only a seeker but also a feeler. I feel life. And sometimes it hurts. But, given the choice, I would rather be overpowered by the ferocity of life than experience the emptiness of nothing. I would choose feeling EVERY SINGLE TIME.

(Taken from a series of articles written for a project called “Notes from a Seeker”)

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