What is creativity?

I was recently interviewed by Nina Lockwood as part of her Creativity Conversations series. She asked me to share my thoughts on creativity and then we explored the world of online learning and how I support my clients to share their messages through online courses and membership sites. We also discussed how the world of […]

Dealing with creative blocks

This year I decided to commit myself to creativity. I’d love to share all my successes with you…to tell you that every day is a delightful journey into my imagination. But quite frankly it has been much harder than I would have liked. Maybe, from the outside, it looks like I’m in my creative flow. […]

The Sucky Part of Surrender

Part of being a seeker is learning to understand the difference between force and free will. Force is when we attempt to orchestrate life events to fit our expectations. We might demand our children behave respectfully in public. We might sacrifice the reputation of a colleague to get a step higher on the career ladder. […]

On conflict (and why you need to own your sh*t)

There’s a saying that goes something like this, “There’s your side, there’s the other’s side and then there’s the truth.” If you’ve successfully made it past the age of two, I can absolutely promise that this statement applies to you. And I am pretty darn sure you have the battle wounds of arguments, disagreement and […]

How do you want to BE different?

When my clients come to me with the issues that are frustrating or depressing them, one of the first questions I ask them is “How do you want to be in this situation?” It isn’t a question that normally arises. Think about a time when you have shared a problem with a friend or colleague. […]