Saying Yes

It’s been a bumpy path recently.   On the one hand, exciting new projects and opportunities —a total change of direction. But accompanied by big transitions on a physical, mental and even spiritual level. There are days when I feel fantastic – inspired, engaged, connected and creative. And other days when I am sleep deprived […]

No Guarantees

2016 was a particularly interesting year for me. I went through an extended period of poor health. In my quest for wellness, I tried pretty much everything – different diets, coaching, holistic treatments, even some prescribed medications from the Doctor which had always been a big no-no for me. And nothing really worked. This was new […]

These Flaws Make Me

For far too long I have worked hard to hide my imperfections from the world. Too hard. Too long. Too much time, effort and energy consumed in creating and maintaining the mask. Mustn’t let it slip. Mustn’t let it slide. Must ensure I measure up. Isn’t that what we have been taught? Since we were […]

When darkness is the path to enlightenment

How often in life does darkness precede enlightenment? Rarely will we hit by a bolt of insight in the midst of our warm and cosy comfort zone. True wisdom lives beyond the limits of what we know, beyond the burning boundaries of security, conformity and habit. Venturing there is like back-packing in the wilderness. That’s […]

I am nothing that has been before

I am a seeker and every moment changes me. Every moment. Literally. Most of this I know very little about. A word, a sight, a smell, an inhale, a taste, the renewal of cells, the beat of my heart, the blink of an eye. It is all changing me. Even if I don’t witness every […]