Dealing with creative blocks

This year I decided to commit myself to creativity. I’d love to share all my successes with you…to tell you that every day is a delightful journey into my imagination. But quite frankly it has been much harder than I would have liked. Maybe, from the outside, it looks like I’m in my creative flow. […]

No Guarantees

2016 was a particularly interesting year for me. I went through an extended period of poor health. In my quest for wellness, I tried pretty much everything – different diets, coaching, holistic treatments, even some prescribed medications from the Doctor which had always been a big no-no for me. And nothing really worked. This was new […]

Why can’t you ‘stop’ worrying?

We all understand the concept of non-worry at an intellectual level but not doing it is a different matter. If giving up worry was so easy then wouldn’t we simply stop?