Finding the joy of generosity in contribution (not obligation!)

In this article I want to focus upon an aspect of life that is often overlooked and frequently misunderstood — the concept of generosity. The idea of giving generously is usually accompanied by a set of conditioned responses. From an early age we have been subjected to others’ perceptions of generosity. We may have learnt […]

Will your busyness be the death of you?

For far too many years, my to-list felt like my saving grace. I lived a busy life. I was ambitious. I wanted to make a difference and be financially rewarded for my hard work and efforts. I didn’t want to compromise. I knew I could have it all and for a while it seemed like […]

Are you Faithful?

Are you noticing that we are living in uncertain times? I get the sense that many people are waiting for things to improve — that at some point, perhaps when the economic crisis has passed or when the Government gets it act together, we will return to the clarity and stability we yearn for. But […]