A tree is just a tree!

Most of the time we aren’t really awake to real life. We walk around caught up in the fantasy of the stories we tell ourself about what we think is (or isn’t) happening. Then we get upset, sad, mad and angry about the stories we have just made up. How ridiculous is that? We seek […]

Doing the thing that is right in front of you

Not so long ago, my life seemed to be a thrilling adventure. I had a clear vision for what I wanted to create and every day I woke with fire in my belly, ready to make my mark on the world. I grabbed opportunities by the horns and when they weren’t coming thick or fast […]

Will your busyness be the death of you?

For far too many years, my to-list felt like my saving grace. I lived a busy life. I was ambitious. I wanted to make a difference and be financially rewarded for my hard work and efforts. I didn’t want to compromise. I knew I could have it all and for a while it seemed like […]