Saying Yes

It’s been a bumpy path recently.   On the one hand, exciting new projects and opportunities —a total change of direction. But accompanied by big transitions on a physical, mental and even spiritual level. There are days when I feel fantastic – inspired, engaged, connected and creative. And other days when I am sleep deprived […]

A tree is just a tree!

Most of the time we aren’t really awake to real life. We walk around caught up in the fantasy of the stories we tell ourself about what we think is (or isn’t) happening. Then we get upset, sad, mad and angry about the stories we have just made up. How ridiculous is that? We seek […]

Are you Faithful?

Are you noticing that we are living in uncertain times? I get the sense that many people are waiting for things to improve — that at some point, perhaps when the economic crisis has passed or when the Government gets it act together, we will return to the clarity and stability we yearn for. But […]