I’m passionate about Inspired Living. I think we all have the right to live an inspired life. That is a life that is designed on purpose, rather than by default. A life where you get to make up the rules. A life that feels juicy when you wake up in the morning, and fills you with appreciation and gratitude when you go to bed at night. A life that is perfect.. for you!

I meet too many people who are dissatisfied and unfulfilled with life. They may already know that they want to make changes, but not know where to start or not even believe it is possible. ¬†And I can relate to that. I flat-lined through the first part of life until a major turning point came following my son’s life-saving heart surgery and I realised that life matters! Since then, I totally transformed my own life and have been helping others to do the same. I help people to answer the question.. “If I knew that anything was possible, what would I do, be and have?”

Recently, I have been working with a number of women who have found themselves at a mid-life turning point. Changes in relationships, careers, children’s needs etc are causing them to re-evaluate life. And because so many women put others before themselves, they simply can’t answer the question because they just don’t know what they want. In response, I am developing a new suite of products and resources entitled “Your Life Two”. ¬†Using a five step success formula, this will help women to turn their mid-life crisis into a mid-life awakening, to identify what they want, to create an inspired life, and to find the happiness that they truly deserve. Watch me speaking about my new product below.

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