Hands up if you would like to experience a little more happiness, love, inner peace and bliss in your life! Of all the things we dream of, ultimately, it’s those kinds of feelings that we are seeking. We want the relationship with a soul mate to feel more loved, we want a little more money in our bank account to feel more inner peace, we want a job we feel passionate about so that we can feel happier… isn’t that really what our goals are all about?

But what if we have got our criteria mixed up? What if the fulfilment of our dreams is not an essential part of the equation? What if we can have those feelings whenever we want? Doesn’t that make it all a little bit more interesting?

I’m sure you have heard it all before. I could tell you right now that your feelings aren’t dependent on your life circumstances. My guess is that you would nod knowingly and then get on with the pursuit of your dreams once more. I can say that with such certainty because it is the pattern I have run for so many years. Long periods of working far too hard to reach my goals interspersed with temporary moments of undeniable wisdom that I was making my journey through life more complicated than it really needs to be. Today, I draw a line in the sand and say firmly, “no more!

No more fighting for inner peace, no more driving for results, no more running to stand still, no more berating myself for not doing enough, no more effort, struggle and hard work. This is not the path of bliss. Today I choose a different route. I am going to lighten up, loosen up and realise that I have everything I need to feel good right now.

So today I am making a declaration.¬†From this point forwards I commit to…

So this is my plan. What do you think? Care to join me in this declaration?