Who am I?

Ahh, those simple words that create perhaps the biggest question of all.

How do we define ourselves?

In our society, we introduce ourselves with the name we were given or adopted, “Hi, I am _______, nice to meet you

Next comes “What do you do?

Do?“, my soul screams. “Do? That is what interests you most?

I stand before you —a unique blend of thoughts, feelings, flaws, ideas, passions, philosophies, experiences and energy— and yet, how I earn a living is the most culturally accepted topic of conversation.

What do you really want to know?

I know what I want to know about you. I want to know what you make of this thing called “Life“. I want to know how you are figuring out what it all means. I want to know how you make meaning of seemingly unrelated events and experiences. I want to know what you think when you look at your life. Are you happy? Do you like who you have become? Are you confused? Do you wonder how you got here? Are you scared? Worrying about what could happen or maybe even dealing with a challenge that is real, right here and now.

Because I am all of those things—I am scared and confused and happy—all wrapped up in one big ball of chaos and craziness.

What if we dropped the pretence? What if we just allowed the world to see who we really are? Not that mask we put on in the name of normality. What if we just turned up and stated loud and proud, “This is who I am“. We shared our joy and our pain. We were open about what is really going on. What would that be like?

I’d like to know.

I don’t need to know your job. I’d like to know YOU.

(Taken from a series of articles written for a project called “Notes from a Seeker”)


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