It happens to the best of us. Sometimes it creeps up on us, sometimes it appears out of the blue, sometimes it knocks us right off our feet! One moment we think we are on a certain path headed in the right direction, the next we find ourselves at a cross roads. Which way do you turn?

If we had the ability to predict outcomes, we could make a fortune telling people the right way to go (Turning-Points R Us perhaps?!). But unless you have fully mastered crystal-ball gazing, you cannot know for sure what the right way is. So weighing up the pros and cons, analysing and decision-making may seem like the best tools you’ve got.

But even then, the decision can hang precariously, especially when we conclude that our lives depend on choosing wisely and the balance sheet looks fairly even. The current climate of uncertainty does us no favours. The media has got many of us thinking that every decision will have major ripples on our life. No wonder so many of us are feeling stuck and fearful about rocking the boat!

If you find that pesky self-doubt is creeping into your life, it may keep you locked into patters, and a lifestyle that no longer serves you. Sometimes, that boat needs more than a good rock, you need to jump ship.

So if your life is no longer floating your boat, perhaps it is time for a change. Turning points often end up being stepping stones to a whole new life, and a whole new you. Rather that resisting those changes, a move in any direction can open up a whole new world!