How often in life does darkness precede enlightenment?

Rarely will we hit by a bolt of insight in the midst of our warm and cosy comfort zone.

True wisdom lives beyond the limits of what we know, beyond the burning boundaries of security, conformity and habit. Venturing there is like back-packing in the wilderness.

That’s what the commitment to seeking requires.

While others are content to live within the familiar territory of rules, conditioning and routine, a seeker will never feel satisfied with accepting passed-down beliefs and norms. They have to know it for themselves. They seek their own truth.

It isn’t a choice. It is a compulsion.

A seeker cannot be placated or appeased with a just because.

A seeker asks—needs, even—to be taken to the places others fear to go.

Like a caver, they want to explore the deepest, darkest labyrinths of the psyche. And they know there is no better treasure to be found in this world than the richness and purity of personal truth.

We have been told that darkness is wrong; a place to be avoided at all costs. To descend into our darkness is to risk never getting out alive.

What a myth!

In reality, avoiding the darkness presents a far greater risk of death of aliveness.

That warm and cosy comfort zone can much too easily become a prison. While its original intention was to keep danger out, it now functions to keep you apart from knowing and feeling real life.

Your own personal cage, locked from the inside.

When darkness appears in life (and as long as we breathe, it surely will), don’t be afraid. Descending into darkness is a journey of inquiry and investigation. It is your opportunity to examine personal truth — of who you are, the ways of the world and the relationship between the two.

The initiation of darkness is the path to insight, vision and wisdom.

When you are willing to descend into the depths of your soul—when you accept the darkness of uncertainty and the fear of not knowing—when you ask to be shown that which was previously hidden or obscured from view, you will be rewarded with the treasure of truth.

I am a seeker and today I embrace the darkness, for it is the path to ultimate enlightenment.

(Taken from a series of articles written for a project called “Notes from a Seeker”)

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