Yesterday, I had coffee with an amazing lady. She is special because last year she was diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer and although her journey has been far from easy, she is a ray of sunshine that inspires everyone who meets her. (You can read Mel’s inspirational story in the Warrington Guardian Blog).  It was particularly tough day for her as she had received her latest test results, which hadn’t been the good news she dearly wanted (or deserved!)

How can we fail to be touched by the courage and bravery people like Mel show in such adversity? What can we give people in these situations to support them on their journey to healing? As I sat with this wonderful woman, wondering what I could say that would help, my inner guidance offered one simple statement.. “Things are never really as they seem!”

I want to state here that I am a big fan of our medical care. Surgeons and Doctors saved my son’s life when he was a baby I am deeply appreciative of all  the work they do, helping us to discover our paths back to wellness. Yet where I think it can get a bit messy is when we rely too fully on statistics, however accurately they have been researched and collated.

I know many people may disagree with me when I claim that figures and statistics are based on perception. I understand that these are based on the law of averages, and rely on sound evidence. But Quantum Physics shows that reality is observer-created, and although I am no scientist, I believe this means that our very attention to these statistics may make them self-fulfilling in nature (Watch this video to find out more about how reality is created!).

So the good news is that if our perception is so powerful as to change our reality, then we don’t need to change everything, we just need to change what we are thinking. Perception is a form of fantasy, based on our expectations. And if we are making a story up, why not make it a good one.

No one can ever know what the future holds. Sometimes, we may think we have it all figured out and then life reminds us that certainty is just an illusion. But with uncertainty comes possibility and that is what matters most.

Don’t ever let anyone tell you what you can or cannot do. If the information you receive doesn’t inspire or uplift you, its not worth letting in. Tune into the essence of who you really are, and believe in the truth that “anything is possible!”. And when life deals you those curve balls, just remember that things are never really as they seem!