The big shifts of the current decade are leading us down a new and exciting path.  We are beginning to recognise the power of our connections. We are realising that rather than being separate individuals, we are intertwined at the deepest level.  Our actions cause a ripple effect, not just on the people around us but on a global level too.  What an opportunity—and a responsibility!

Where does this idea of interconnectedness come from? Sages and metaphysicans have been saying it for centuries. We are just starting to catch up! In 1961, MIT meteorologist, Edward Lorenz described how small events have large, widespread consequences and his investigations became known as the “butterfly” effect. The underlying metaphor is that a butterfly flapping its wings can cause a storm on the other side of the world.

Interconnectedness is at the core of Quantum Physics. According to the Context Institute:

In the micro-world of quantum physics, the most dramatic demonstration of interconnectedness is described by Bell’s theorem. In 1964, John Bell showed that quantum theory predicted that any two particles that originated from a single source (such as two electrons born out of an energetic collision), would later behave as if they maintained some kind of on-going non-local connection. This connection can be revealed by measuring some property of each particle, such as the spin of each electron. It is instantaneous and unaffected by time or distance. According to Bell, these measurements should be more highly correlated than if the two particles were truly separate. Many experiments have now confirmed Bell’s prediction. The implications of this are profound, since all matter comes from essentially a single source – the Big Bang. Thus Bell’s theorem implies, at a quantum level, that the physical world is an inseparable whole.”

At the subatomic level, there is no you or me, there is just a “we”. Independence is a myth. All events and experiences are really co-creation. The good news is that the collective influence of a group will always be greater than the sum of it parts. The challenge is to put it to good effect. How can we bring our energy together to create change and to make a positive impact on a troubled world? Collaboration and co-operation will be key.  Fostering relationships and communities will be the difference that makes the difference.

This isn’t news. Around the world, people now understand the impact of co-creative relationships. We are coming together to work towards common visions. In amongst the upheaval associated with the energy shifts, wonderful projects are emerging. In the last week I have heard of a new charity receiving unexpected financial backing, a social enterprise receiving sponsorship from a large corporate and a highly paid executive taking a sabbatical to visit Uganda to share his wealth. The power of co-creation cannot be underestimated. Magical coincidences and perfect synchronicities are testament to what happens when people align their energy for the greater good. So how can we introduce more co-creation into our lives?

Maybe you have a sense of your life purpose or perhaps not. Either way know that your mission will continue to evolve as you raise your consciousness even higher. The key is that whatever you are doing, you do it purposefully. Find ways to make your actions meaningful.  No matter how small or insignificant they may seem, keep in mind the butterfly effect. Do everything with love and that will be the energy you transmit into the world.

Our values are born out of our unique experiences. There is a reason why you experience an emotional response when what you care about most is contravened. This is part of your calling. Find groups and communities that exist to readdress the balance. Look for groups that stand for what you want to see more of in the world rather than stand against what is wrong. And if you can’t find any, then maybe you are being asked to fill the gap and start one of your own.

Competition is unsustainable. The I win-you lose mentality is a dying approach. Instead, seeing every situation as an opportunity to co-create will reap the biggest rewards for everyone. Seeking common ground and identifying the win-win will not only pay dividends but will transform the world as we know it.

I am sure that we will witness an even greater movement towards sharing our energy and resources over the next decade. It’s not just an intellectual concept but a calling to our heart and souls.  So, will you answer?