Recently, I have been describing some of the ways that we can let go of the need to pursue life and instead open our hearts (and our minds) and be present to what is. When we stop chasing, we discover our natural joy, contentment and bliss.

I have described the essential and deeply transformative process of letting go. Now, having created more space andpossibility in our lives, we can ask the all-important question… “What do I want to be connected to?”

Before I go on, just take a moment to notice the connections that you already have. Everything exists in relationship to something else. We know darkness because we know light. We know warmth because we are familiar with cold. We know happiness because we can differentiate this from other emotions such as sadness or anger.

The same is true of you. You exist in relationship to other people and things. Yet your individuality arises from the landscape of interconnectedness. Would you continue to exist if there was nothing for you to be in relationship with? If you have ever experienced being in the void, you may just have a sense of the answer!

In other words, our connections define us, at least in our physical form. It would therefore make sense to spend some time evaluating whether the connections we have are serving or limiting in nature. Do your relationships to other people and/or things assist you in realising the true essence of who you are?

Some areas you might like to consider include your intimate partnerships and friendships, your relationship to food or money, and your connection to something beyond this physical plane (whether you refer to that as God, the Divine, the Universe, the Field or such like).

One of the common patterns of letting go is that it is followed by a period of huge uncertainty. In a culture that values ambition and productivity, not knowing what to do thrusts us into unfamiliar territory.  We haven’t been taught how to handle the unknown and so we may experience this space as emptiness, loneliness, flat-lining, stagnation or boredom. But nothing could be further from the truth. Yes, you have disconnected from the drama, the story and drive that defines so many human lives but there is nothing empty about that space.

Observe two people in conversation. Notice how they stand apart and are divided by physical space. See also that the space that divides them is also the space that connects them. With connection, all emptiness and loneliness dissipates.

So the space we have created is essentially pure and undefined. In order to fully embrace this potential, we need a new relationship — something that is different to all that we have known before. What you choose to connect to will define who you are from this point on.

Do you want that to be a physical being, a career or a even a substance? Can you see how limiting each of those will be? Even the most inspiring job can only ever define you as your title. Is that really all of who you are?

Our true and expansive nature is revealed through our connection to something beyond that which we can tangibly know.  We do not need to label or name it, just allow our awareness to extend beyond our physicality and into the unknown, the sacred, the Divine.

To start you off, I wanted to share a simple meditation exercise that will enable you to experience a sense of connection to something beyond your physical body.

Find a place where you can sit comfortably, feet on the floor and arms gently resting in your lap. Take a few moments to breathe deeply into relaxation. Allow each breath to centre you more firmly in your body just observing the clouds of thought passing by.

As the calmness expands through your body, drop your awareness into your feet. Imagine that you have roots growing down into the centre of the earth. In the core of our planet is the warm and reviving energy of unconditional love. This is the energy of all creation and life sustained by the wonder that is Mother Earth. Allow the energy of unconditional love to rise up along the roots, through your feet and up through your body until it reaches your chest. There it blends with the love of your own heart – the energy of self-love. You may notice a particular sensation, image or colour naturally arising.

Now imagine a golden cord growing out of the crown of your head. This cord grows up through the room and building you are in, up through the sky and out into the atmosphere. It continues to expand upwards through space. This time the cord connects to the energy of Universal love. The energy travels back down the cord and into your body, once again flowing into your heart. It now blends with the energy of the unconditional love of Mother Earth and your own self-love, merging and intermingling into a ball of pure love. Again, notice anything that naturally arises – images, colours or insights.

Allow your attention to return gently to the room. Breathe deeply and just reflect on your experience. Taking all the time that you need, you may just want to ask yourself the question again, “What do I want to be connected to?”

Note: To use this exercise, you may want to either have a friend gently guide you through the steps or you can record your own voice and play it back. Alternatively, you can get a free download of this exercise at