Hindsight is  a wonderful thing… is it not? We have all had those moments of realisation when we know that if we had perhaps done things in another way, chosen another path, or made a better decision, life might have unfolded very differently. Should’ve, could’ve, would’ve, blah, blah, blah! We can’t change what has past and lamenting the fact just saps our energy and confidence.

In order to experience regret, we need to have learnt something new. But somehow we lose sight of that in the moment. We forget that we were doing the best we could at the time with the knowledge, skills and experience available to us in the moment. We think we should have been able to predict the future or have known what we did not yet know. What a great way to tie ourselves up in knots and beat ourselves up for being dumb, stupid or whatever other derogatory term we find to self-blame.

We always want to keep most of our attention firmly focussed on where we are heading. Sure, there will be learnings along the way. But they are the fuel for forward momentum, not a reason to look back.

I recently had the opportunity to chat with the wonderful Kate Trafford, creator of the “Cruise Control : Your Guide to Effortless Success“. Our conversation steered onto the impact of hindsight, something that Kate so cleverly calls “driving whilst looking in your rear view mirror”. Kate made a wonderful distinction about the two occasions when it is useful to check your rear view mirror and for what information…and when it’s not!

Curious? You can listen in to a snippet of our conversation in this video…


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Kate Trafford is an expert in the area of effortless success. Kate was a winner in the Hayhouse Movers and Shakers competition for aspiring authors and speakers and is currently writing her first book, Cruise Control: Your Guide to Effortless Success. To find out more, visit her blog http://www.cruisecontrolforlife.com