I have been a dedicated student of inspiration for many years. There is nothing more uplifting and invigorating than the emergence of a new idea or concept. Experiencing that rush of excitement pulsing through your body and mind can be like the most potent of drugs. Over time, I have developed my own strategy for cultivating more inspiration in my life. I’ve written about it, run workshops on it, lived it, breathed it and slept it! I was pretty confident that I had this whole inspiration thang down to a tee!

Having a constant stream of new ideas does have some drawbacks. Which one do you run with first? Overwhelm or procrastination are the unwelcome companions of too many options at one time. And if we can figure out what to do next, we may be lured into the over-achievement trap — constantly seeking out the next great plan. We never get to experience the deep satisfaction of watching the seed of an idea grow and fully bloom. We are too busy rushing onwards to ever see the flower blossom.

This insight was a revelation. There was definitely more for me to discover.

What has begun to emerge is a whole new level of understanding. Inspiration often begins as a tiny whisper — just the hint of something new arising within. In the past, my eagerness to act on the idea has sent me hurtling into the implementation phase. And boy was I good at that. Within moments of the inkling of an idea, I was gathering resources, enlisting support and selling the concept to potential collaborators or clients. I was proud of my ability to get things done and make things happen. I think I secretly wished I had a superwoman “S” on my vest to endorse my skills!

But what if the glimmer of inspiration wasn’t the cue to take action but rather the beginning of an deep experiential process. In a different context, we can recognise the pure delight of starting a new love relationship and allowing the anticipation to build before we act on the energy! Inspiration is actually incredibly similar. Instead of rushing straight into taking action, when we sit and bask in the energy it doesn’t pass — it builds! That little whisper of inspiration that we thought was the big thing turns out to be nothing more than a first kiss — delightful and delicious but only the beginning of a long and passionate love affair!

And so I have discovered a new pleasure — that of non-action: allowing inspiration to flow without feeling the need to engage in or force the process. The ideas still come thick and fast but now I sit back, relax and allow the inspiration to breathe right through me. I welcome and appreciate the concepts but then I allow them to blend back into the landscape of my life. They merge with all of the thoughts and ideas from the past combining to form even more insight and understanding. And because the inspiration has fully integrated with all of me, the next idea to be birthed is a more perfect representation of who I really am. It’s a never-ending cycle of incomplete completeness. What a joy!

And so I have discovered that there is something wonderfully breath-taking to be part of the ocean of endless inspiration. Does it really make sense to try and make the waves? Or isn’t it just a lot more fun to grab your surfboard and ride them!