How often do you find yourself pulled into the fruitless game called “trying to make another see it my way“?

We’ve all been there. Confronted by someone who has managed to distort reality to fit their experience and completely closed off to any other rational or reasonable explanation. To add insult to injury, they are probably now sharing their distorted perception of you with anyone else who cares to listen. Grrrrr!

Distortion is at the root of so much personal conflict and can be the reason why family members do not speak for years at a time.

There just comes a point where you realise that no matter how eloquent, tactful or persuasive you are, that person aint gonna budge! You simply can’t compete with their version of reality.

It’s why people give up on each other – much like saying if we can’t agree on this, we can’t go on together – and it is all part of the conditioned self that requires external validation in order to exist. And if it is going down, it is taking you and everyone else with it!

Your true nature is infinitely wiser. It welcomes everyone into your life experiences. It doesn’t ask them to agree, only invites them to be authentic. When someone is connected to their higher consciousness, don’t they just seem to bring out the best in you. That is the expression of this invitation – your soul loves it and responds accordingly.

Never ask or expect someone to agree with you. Be playful and curious about their perceptions. And if anyone ever asks you to agree with them, just gently respond “that’s one way of looking at it“.