The natural cycles of life take us through birth, living and eventually dying. Just like all of mother nature’s gifts, we follow this cycle; its part of being  human. Yet the cycle doesn’t just happen on the macro level. Within our lifespans, we will experience this cycle of deconstruction, transformation and re-birth many times. Those parts of ourselves that we have outgrown will slip away and the old will make way for the new. This isn’t always a comfortable experience, because we need to be willing to let go of things we love or have worked hard for, to clear a space for new beginnings. It can sound wonderful yet in reality, it can be scary and unsettling to be willing to give up so much and face the uncertainty of not knowing what lies around the corner.

Unfortunately, there are no short cuts to this process. In fact, when we try to resist the changes, we end up prolonging the process and make it even more uncomfortable for ourselves. We need to recognise that everything in life is transient. Whatever we try to hold on to tightly, ends up slipping through our fingers. Instead, it is the willingness to just be present to our fears of what might happen when we do let go. Rather than trying to hide our head in the sand and wish the changes wouldn’t happen, facing our fears and allowing ourselves  to have the experience is the only path through.

We may not be able to change our circumstances or control the outcome but we can take care of ourselves. We can turn to face our fears with compassion and understanding. We can reassure those frightened parts of ourselves that even though the future is uncertain, we will always be ok. No situation has ever caused the world to stop spinning, so no matter how dire it may seem, all evidence  suggests that you will be ok. Faith and trust may be all we have, but they are all we really need.

Letting go is not giving up. Letting go is choosing to surrender to what is. Letting go is embracing the current uncertainty long enough that something new can emerge. When we let go, we turn it over to the powers that be. We accept and make peace with what is. We move from resistance to allowing. The reward for our courage is not about what comes next, but the joy of our own evolution. In letting go, we discover the truth of who we really are. And that is always worth surrendering to.