Knowledge or wisdom?

That is the question that arises within me today.

As we trundle through life, we absorb the data and information around us. Some of this may be a conscious decision, like when we pick up a book or engage in a conversation with a friend.

And then there is the unconscious infiltration. You know, those ideas that society thrusts upon you. You are engrossed in your favourite TV show and hardly notice the ad breaks promising you beauty, sex appeal or freedom if you buy their latest product. Not to mention the news, filling the mind with messages of negativity and control… “Look at what these bad people are doing. Now we have shown you how dangerous they are, we can tap into your fear and insecurity. Don’t mind if we nip over there with a quick airstrike do you?” Forget Paul McKenna, this is hypnotism at its most pervasive.

Most of what we seek in this world is knowledge. We want the data —the facts and figures. We want to know how things work and what people are up to. At school, we are taught that it is more important to know the names of cloud structures or what happened in 1666 than to understand how relationships work or how our minds create the patterns and limitations that destroy our sense of contentment and well-being.

I am a seeker. But I no longer seek knowledge. I want to discover what facets of my personality lie untapped. I want to understand why external events and experiences have the ability to create tidal waves of emotion in my being. Why I hurt when strangers hurt. Why I can feel joy when witnessing another’s dream fulfilled. Why I rage at injustice or cruel judgment against those who deserve it least. I want to be shown where I can make a difference and how best to serve. I want to know how to stop and listen — really listen — to the voice of my soul rather than insignificant words that arise from a database of knowledge.

I am a seeker and today I make a choice. Acquiring knowledge will not be my focus, but simply the side-effect of a life well lived. Today I commit to staying present, slowing down and diving deeper to hear the messages of truth stirring within.

I am a seeker and today I choose wisdom.

(Taken from a series of articles written for a project called “Notes from a Seeker”)

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