I am a seeker and every moment changes me.

Every moment.


Most of this I know very little about.

A word, a sight, a smell, an inhale, a taste, the renewal of cells, the beat of my heart, the blink of an eye. It is all changing me.

Even if I don’t witness every detail, the changes are still there – pulsing, beating, breathing through me. Transforming me from the inside out.

So why do I find it so easy to be the same?

Why do I think the same old thoughts?

Why do I feel the same repetitive cycle of emotions?

Why can minutes, hours, days even—blend and blur together, sometimes into a landscape of nothingness?

If things are changing in every moment then why am I not paying attention?

I am a seeker and today I realise that I am nothing that has been before.

The person yesterday no longer exists today. So many things have changed.

If I want to believe that I am the same—if I want to attempt to squeeze myself back into that box of yesterday—I can choose to think of myself in exactly the same way. I will probably succeed in fooling myself.

Hit the snooze button. Go back to sleep.

But seekers don’t sleep. They are awake and alive to the possibilities and potential of life.

They dream of exploring unchartered territories. And when you hit the snooze button, the ship sails without you.

I am a seeker and I commit to being on the ship.

Not below deck, waiting to arrive at some final destination, but right up there, in the Crow’s Nest of life—witnessing the oceanic changes, observing the tides, discovering new land.

I want a bird’s eye view of this whole, unfolding, beautiful experience. This experience of being me.

I am privileged to be the only one to sail these waters. No one else will ever get to witness this life in this way.

I am nothing that has been before or will be again.

I am a seeker and today I will wake up and, at last, fully enjoy all of who I am.

(Taken from a series of articles written for a project called “Notes from a Seeker”)

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