From an early age, we are taught to obey the rules. In childhood, much of our positive reinforcement from parents, teachers and well-meaning adults, is for behaving well and doing things right. They claim that we are “good boys” or “good girls” when our actions measure up to their expectations.

There are laws that are worth abiding to. Simply because they make our path through life easier and foster good relationships in our communities (although I do sometimes question whether we wouldn’t naturally live within those boundaries were we left to our own devices!) But there are other rules that we treat as if they are law rather than being aware that we are responding to the cultural norms of society.

These relate to parenting, careers and our leisure time for example. If we allow ourselves to become too boxed in by the norms, we may find that we are living the 9 to 5, 2.4 children, 2 week summer vacation model. There is absolutely nothing wrong with choosing to live that way, but if you don’t regularly feel the thrill of excitement, passion and joy flowing through your life, there is a good chance that you are living someone else’s choices rather than your own inspired life.

So when was the last time you broke the rules. I’m not advocating law-breaking (prison would definitely shake things up but probably not in an uplifting way!) but rather the idea that we wake up to all of the possibilities. Who says you need to conform? Don’t you know what is best for you?

Start to experiment by stepping outside of your comfort zone. Maybe you want to dye your hair a different colour, or wear bright clothes, or eat jam and marmite sandwiches! Perhaps you could take a different route to work, holiday in an unchartered destination or take up belly-dancing?

Be inspired by other people who are doing it differently! The unstoppable family are one such example. Brian and Rhonda Swan have been traveling the world for almost three years with their daughter Hanalei. Their Endless Summer Journey has taken them to countries all over the world, including Hawaii, Mexico, Nicaragua, Bali, Australia, Peru and Brazil- to name just a few! As top income earners with LifePath Unlimited, they have been able to ditch the corporate rat-race and live a luxury traveling lifestyle with their mobile business. Read their story here.

And if you find yourself slipping into the “they can do it but I can’t” pattern, then you may need some help to expand your horizons. Every so often, I come across a book that I believe is potentially life-changing! Enter “Get Out While You Can” by George Marshall. He brilliantly describes what he calls Plan A and Plan B. Plan A consists of working hard at school, securing a good job, setting your sights on promotion, climbing the corporate ladder and living happily ever after… or not because the reality is often long hours made longer by commuting, insufficient wages and lifelong debt! Plan B transforms the playing field. In Plan B, Marshall offers a completely different approach where you get to create a life by design and instead of following cultural norms, you find a lifestyle that allows you to live the dream now… so why wait? It may be a lot easier than you think. Find out more and order your copy here.