A couple of weeks ago, my good friend and wealth guru, Laura Leigh Clarke interviewed me for her show, Prosperity Shift. In all honesty, when she first invited me to be part of the discussions, I was a little hesitant – I would have never said that prosperity wisdom was my thing. In fact, over the years me & money have most definitely been in a love-hate relationship (loved it when it was flowing in, resented it when I was struggling to make ends meet!)

But over the years, I have come to realise how narrow my thinking was in limiting the concept of prosperity to money. Surely, in its broadest sense, the experience of prosperity is so much more than the figure on our bank statement?

Now I have to confess, when I was a single mum, wondering how I was going to make the mortgage payment the following month, I was irritated when I heard people talk about abundance as being a state of mind. If you are looking at an empty bank account, it’s one hell of a jump to feeling prosperous, no matter how much you know about the Law of Attraction or Quantum Physics.

Well-meaning people telling you to align yourself with the flow of wealth energy is probably not going to inspire a life-changing prosperity shift. (If you decide to implement this technique with friends and family, I strongly suggest you speak and duck simultaneously!) When our back is against the wall, we are most likely needing and seeking practical advice on how to generate emergency funds without resorting to selling a kidney.

The feeling of money desperation is an agonising and sickening experience that can rip our lives apart.

Yet even in those darkest moments, there is a part of us that not only knows that there is an answer but is already showing us the way. We are so caught up in our scarcity thinking that we are completely oblivious to the clues. And without a trail to follow, we won’t be able to find the way to a solution. We are too busy trying to figure out what to do next. And so the spiral of desperation continues.

But there is a way to create our very own prosperity shift.

Now it may seem easier to wish for the windfall solution like a lottery win or inheritance from a long-lost uncle.

But creating a lasting prosperity shift requires honest introspection and the willingness to turn into the very thing that you are fearing. You see, the clues you seek are behind the door that you are too afraid to open because you might find out something about yourself that you think you’d rather not know. But the thing you are avoiding contains the answer to your problems.

Ask yourself the question, “what does my lack of money tell me about myself?” Flush out those beliefs and concerns that have been holding you back. Maybe you believe you are a failure, that you are stupid, or that you are unworthy of wealth. Breathe into the fear and invite the wisdom of your soul to show you where you have been holding yourself back. How can anyone create success if they feel like a failure? Or tap into an endless stream of ideas if they know they are stupid? Or generate wealth if they believe they don’t deserve it? The two positions are mutually incompatible.

When you find the source of your inner conflict, you have the opportunity to transcend it. You don’t have to believe any limiting thought, no matter how long you have carried it for. I can promise you that you are not a failure, stupid, unworthy or any other misguided belief you have about yourself. If you are struggling to let it go, get in touch and tell me your story. Better still, come and join our community on Facebook, This Worthy World. In this group, we connect, share and work together to celebrate our innate worthiness.

Worthiness and prosperity are intertwined. Prosperity is far more about your connection to your own self-value that it is about money or financial gain. When you KNOW your worth, it is impossible to think any scarcity thoughts. And guess what happens when you no longer have scarcity thinking…. well I think you already know the answer to that one!

I talk about these things and more in my interview with Laura. If you’d like access to the full recording, pop on over to the Prosperity Shift page to find out more.


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