Are you noticing that we are living in uncertain times? I get the sense that many people are waiting for things to improve — that at some point, perhaps when the economic crisis has passed or when the Government gets it act together, we will return to the clarity and stability we yearn for.

But what if this uncertainty isn’t a passing phase? What if this is how things are going to be permanently? Are you excited by the possibilities or filled with fear about what could happen or what it all means?

To believe that we can possibly know how life will unfold — years, months or weeks from now — is an illusion. No matter how good our predictions, life is subject to it’s own terms and any sense of control we have is a perception, not reality.

So let’s get brutally honest here. Your life is going to twist and turn in ways that you simply cannot anticipate. Some surprises will be very pleasant and you will receive them with open arms. Others will totally suck and you will wonder why you have been dealt such an unfair blow.

What are you going to do about it?

Keep hoping that if you just do enough self-improvement techniques eventually you will have learnt enough or landed on the right tool that will finally give you god-like control on what happens to you? Good luck with that one!

Otherwise you have to learn to get comfortable with the unpredictable nature of life.  If you want true freedom, you have to stop trying to make things happen (or not happen) and instead make all experiences welcome.

How do we actively invite the richness of life to our door? By becoming faithful (full of faith).

Faith is one of those words that rarely elicits a neutral reaction.  Some may view it as a natural and essential part of spiritual life. Others may treat it with skepticism or contempt that it somehow goes against reason or science. It is particularly challenging to embrace when associated with some type of religious dogma that holds us hostage to rigid beliefs about how we should or shouldn’t live our lives.

Faith is the unquestionable and undeniable wisdom that some higher power has got our back covered — whether you think of that as God, Source, Infinite Intelligence or the Field. It means putting our trust not in our ability to control life but rather our ability to respond to it.

A few years ago, I was facing the very real prospect of losing my home. The mortgage payments were high and my business was at an all time low. I was a single parent with two young boys and I was absolutely terrified. I carried the fear around with me constantly and every time a bill dropped onto the doormat, I would feel physically sick. I had created a compelling horror film of what not having my house would mean and it was scarier than anything I could watch on the movie channel!

I had no faith in anything. I didn’t trust life or myself. I felt trapped.

I reached the point of exhaustion. There was no fight left in me. I just gave in to what seemed to be an inevitable outcome.

As I allowed rather than resisted the experience, my mind began to open to new possibilities. I could house share, move in with a relative or even travel abroad. Although none of these were exactly right, I could see that each option would bring something new and different to my life.

In the crack of non-resistance, a little bit of hope began to grow. Whatever happened, it wouldn’t be the end of the world. My life would just be changing direction. I had a feeling it would be good. I became faith-full.

To cultivate more faith in our lives, we can embrace the 4 T’s:

The fact that I did get to keep the house is irrelevant because I had reached a point where it just didn’t matter. Old house, new house, no house? Who cares when you heart is overflowing with faith. And the good new is that faith is incredibly portable — you can take it everywhere you go!