I was recently interviewed by Nina Lockwood as part of her Creativity Conversations series.

She asked me to share my thoughts on creativity and then we explored the world of online learning and how I support my clients to share their messages through online courses and membership sites.

We also discussed how the world of technology is changing particularly in relation to social media. Recent documentaries like The Social Dilemma are casting doubt on the security and safety of sharing our data on the large platforms. Knowing this, will it make our audiences more concerned about how they interact with others…and how much they are willing to share… in groups on social media?

Is there a rationale to move our communities to self-hosted platforms where we can provide additional layers of security and privacy? It is something I have seen with my clients, like Jules Wyman who is taking the brave step to break free from traditional social media and form her own community away from Facebook.

Here’s the interview. Would love to know your thoughts. What does creativity mean to you?

And if you have an idea for an online course or a membership site and want to bounce ideas around, feel free to get in touch!

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