When darkness is the path to enlightenment

How often in life does darkness precede enlightenment? Rarely will we hit by a bolt of insight in the midst of our warm and cosy comfort zone. True wisdom lives beyond the limits of what we know, beyond the burning boundaries of security, conformity and habit. Venturing there is like back-packing in the wilderness. That’s […]

I am nothing that has been before

I am a seeker and every moment changes me. Every moment. Literally. Most of this I know very little about. A word, a sight, a smell, an inhale, a taste, the renewal of cells, the beat of my heart, the blink of an eye. It is all changing me. Even if I don’t witness every […]

The Sucky Part of Surrender

Part of being a seeker is learning to understand the difference between force and free will. Force is when we attempt to orchestrate life events to fit our expectations. We might demand our children behave respectfully in public. We might sacrifice the reputation of a colleague to get a step higher on the career ladder. […]

Sometimes life hurts

If you had the choice, would you sacrifice joy to rid your life of painful emotions? Deeply consider that. The concept of ending all suffering is an appealing proposition. And traditional personal development often sells us a myth. The idea that we can improve ourselves and/or our lives to the point where we experience uninterrupted […]

Here I stand before you, uninitiated

In the culture where I grew up, seeking lives like a dirty secret, hidden below the depths of everyday life. Our focus is invited to stay on the practical and logical. Do what you need to do to house, feed and clothe yourself and your family. Don’t think too hard about your life; there is […]